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A feeling for composition is a great asset. I think it is very much a matter of instinct. It can perhaps be developed, but I doubt if it can be learned. To achieve his best work, the young photographer must discover what really excites him visually. He must discover his own world.
– Bill Brandt, 1948.

Taking inspiration from such diverse sources as Karl Blossfeldt, David Bailey, Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton and Lillian Bassman, Fenris tries to capture photographs in a style that allows the subject to tell the story of its own world. But he doesn’t just confine this method to portrait photography; he applies it to other genres such as still life, architecture and landscape. His ‘style’ enables him to grant the viewer a slice or snapshot of the photographic subject’s existence, be it through the colour and intricacies of a flower or the architect’s passion reflected in the design of a building.

Over the last twelve years, Fenris has been continuing to expand his ‘personal world’ by entering the fast-paced life of event photography, working closely with the performers in order to capture not only the atmosphere of the event but also the personality of the individual. He aims to produce work that develops a relationship between the subject and the viewer, taking them into the world contained within the image.

He has recently exhibited some of his Fine Art Photography and is continuing to develop the series of images based on the Colorfield paintings of Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko with the hope of another exhibition in 2023.

Having completed a BA in Photographic Art, Fenris continues shooting and discovering his ‘own world’.

“Photography is a great passion; there is nowhere I’d rather be than behind my camera, seeing something wonderful through my own lens.”



Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time I get asked questions whilst out shooting. Here are a few of the questions, and some answers.
How did I get in to photography?

Before the advent of digital many people got in to photography with a simple 35mm compact camera, for me it was a present from my parents and it started a life-long love affair with the ‘still’ image.
Over time I progressed from a compact camera to a SLR (Minolta Dynax 7xi) as my skills developed. It was still a hobby for me at that time and it wasn’t till 2001 that I started working part-time as a professional photographer whilst still working as a software/graphics developer.
It wasn’t long before I went full-time and now I have the pleasure of travelling around photographing people at events up and down the UK.

What camera do you use?

I’ve never been someone who sticks 100% to a single make of camera, preferring to use whatever camera is best for the job I’m doing.
Over the years I owned cameras from various companies including; Minolta, Canon, Nikon and Fujifilm. I currently use Nikon DSLRs and the Fujifilm X-T2 (each with a host of lenses).
The X-T2 has been getting a lot of use lately mainly due the silent shutter which is invaluable when shooting stills or speakers at an event as there is no ‘CLICK’ of the shutter to disturb anyone.

What software do you use for editing your photographs?

The simple answer would be Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for the majority of my work. I’ve been using Photoshop since it was first released in 1989 which is kinda scary as that was over 30yrs ago!

Is Fenris your real name?

Yes. I do get asked this quite often, I guess it is a bit of an unusual name! The next question is normally, “Where does that come from?”.
Fenris (or Fenrir) originates from Norse Mythology, it the name of one of the children of Loki (who you may have heard of from the Marvel films). He had several children, one of which was a giant wolf called Fenris.

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