Is Fenris your real name?

Yes. I do get asked this quite often, I guess it is a bit of an unusual name! The next question is normally, “Where does that come from?”. Fenris originates from Norse Mythology, it the name of one of the children of Loki (who you may have heard of from the Marvel films). He had [...]

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What camera do you use?

I’ve never been someone who sticks 100% to a single make of camera, preferring to use whatever camera is best for the job I’m doing. Over the years I owned cameras from various companies including; Minolta, Canon, Nikon and Fujifilm. I currently use Nikon DSLRs and the Fujifilm X-T2 (each with a host of lenses). [...]

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How did I get in to photography?

Before the advent of digital many people got in to photography with a simple 35mm compact camera, for me it was a present from my parents and it started a life-long love affair with the ‘still’ image. Over time I progressed from a compact camera to a SLR (Minolta Dynax 7xi) as my skills developed. [...]

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