As part of the college course we have to exhibit our work. On the Access Course last year, we had a decent amount of time to plan and organise what we wanted to show. Those who have seen my work before or kept track of things on my blog/website may remember the six flower portraits I created in the style of a Botanical Folio.

This year, we’ve only had four weeks notice so really had to put the thinking caps on and come up with something.

Last year, one of the criticisms I got about the images was “I don’t know why this person has put these on show, they aren’t conceptual at all” – and this from a respected tutor from a top London university!

So this year I thought I would be conceptual… I’m planning on entering a portrait of a child with the eyes covered with a black rectangle, in the way they hide the persons identity.

Problem is… I can’t quite get the title for the work! The photo is of a sweet and innocent child so I want to perhaps convey the innocence either being there or being lost what with today’s society and over protection of kids.

One idea was calling it ‘Green’ as in innocent, not knowing.

So, any ideas or suggestions?

This is the photo: