Prisma – Have you seen it yet?

There is a brilliant little app called Prisma that has recently been released on Android and Apple for your phones/pads and I've been having a play with it this afternoon whilst uploading the edited files from a photo shoot. Not having a willing victim... err... subject... to take a photo of I did the rare thing [...]

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I won’t be at the Crime Festival in Harrogate this year

It is with great sadness and disappointment that I have to report that I won’t be at the Crime Festival in Harrogate this year. After four (three in an official capacity) happy years covering the event, HIF has decided to try someone new for their 50th anniversary celebrations. I'm gutted that I won't be there [...]

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Cathi Unsworth – Without the Moon

Thursday night was spent at the Horse Hospital photographing the Launch Party for Cathi Unsworth's latest book Without the Moon. The book is set during World War II, so a lot of the people dressed up in suitable attire for a night out in the 1940s. With music by Earl Okin and a special appearance [...]

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Against the wall?

I was just reading a Facebook post by the author Sarah Hilary about posing for photographs and she said "I was simply told to avoid brick walls (as back drops) and to smile sweetly.". Now, some of you who know me will know that one of my favourite expressions when asking for photographs is "Can [...]

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Summer Project

I’ve got my assignment from college for over the Summer Holidays (it deserves capital letters) and we’ve got to create an homage to another photographer. We also have to give it our own look and feel. I’m very interested in producing a series of portrait photographs in the styles of either David Bailey or Richard [...]

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