I haven’t done an update on this for a while, so thought I’d best put pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard!) and write what’s been happening…

I’d identified ten photographers who work in the field of Event Photography, specifically in the theatre/literary areas of the market and wrote them each a letter.

The letter stated who I was, a bit of background information and details of the college course. I asked if it would be possible to:

  • Meet up with them and interview/discuss their work and career
  • Shadow them on a shoot
  • Get work experience with them

I was quite surprised to get two replies! Both negative, but it was a start.

About a week later I emailed the eight people who hadn’t replied, this gained me four more responses. Three negative (one of which was just to say “Remove me from your list”) and one positive.

I phone him up when I got the email, but the dates he had free over the summer were dates that I have work already booked. The last date he had free during this period is my wedding day, so I can’t do that!

A little later in the day I actually had a phone call from one of the other photographers, he had received my letter but put it down ‘somewhere safe’ and then forgot about it. The email I sent prompted him to give me a call, so I guess this method actually works which is a relief.

But, he is away most of July and I’m away most of August. We left it open and I shall call him when I get back from my honeymoon. He’d be an interesting person to work with as he does a lot a theatre/stage photography.

In the meantime, I’m researching more photographers to send letters to…