I’ve got my assignment from college for over the Summer Holidays (it deserves capital letters) and we’ve got to create an homage to another photographer.

We also have to give it our own look and feel.

I’m very interested in producing a series of portrait photographs in the styles of either David Bailey or Richard Avedon but in infrared.

I plan to be shooting digitally rather than film. I’ve got a IR converted Nikon D80 (720nm) which is sitting on my desk having just arrived from the USA. I bought it from a company called Mountain Banyan IR Photo. Fabulous service, would recommend. The only problem I had was with UK Customs, who stung me for VAT.

I’ve had a quick play with the camera and I must say that it is fantastic!

Here is a quick portrait I took of Caro. No flash, just sunlight through the conservatory.