I’ve been researching three different photographers for the ‘Homage’ project. They are:
– Karl Blossfeldt
– John Aldus
– David Bailey

Not sure which of them I’ll choose for the actual project. Problem being that I am inspired by all three of them for different aspects of my photography.

I am however, reasonably sure on how I want to process the images.

If I choose Bailey, I want to produce a series of images using the Infra-Red camera that I bought. They final prints will be on paper.

For Blossfeldt and Aldus, I am considering producing the final images on glass using the Collodion Process. I don’t know if we able to do that at college though!

If we are… my idea is as follows:

  1. Take the photographs digitally
  2. Produce a B&W negative from the digital file by printing on ‘contact film’
  3. Coat the glass with Collodion – Let it dry of course
  4. Place contact film over the glass
  5. Flash expose
  6. Develop

Well, that’s the plan anyway.

Will take some experimenting to get it right!