I’ve had all Summer to think about my Major Project for the last year of my BA Photography course and it hasn’t been easy.

I thought about carrying on with my Colourfield work but I feel that I have done all the development I can with that project and it wouldn’t be suitable for the course.

I considered my Flower Portraits, but again… it’s an on-going project and not something I can expand on for Uni.

I looked through some of my other projects, like Shoes on Stage and 60 Seconds London (still on the drawing board!), but I again thought that they aren’t suitable.

But all this time I had another project bouncing at the back of my brain, one that I tried to start a couple of years ago but wasn’t able to due to neck and knee operations!

What is the idea? – I hear you cry… Steampunk Portraits.

For those not knowing, Steampunk started off as a literary genre in the 1970s, but in recent years has crossed over to real life as a sub-culture of its own.

It is a mix of Victorian style combined with steam based technology. Imagine if the combustion engine had never been invented and development continued in progressing steam technology to the level of today’s petroleum based technology. Throw in some Jules Verne and H.G. Wells and add in to this a touch of Nikola Tesla and you have the basic of Steampunk.

This really interests me as I have a love of Victoriana, H.G. Wells and a huge interest in the work of Tesla.

The proposal has been written and sent to the course tutors and now await confirmation from them that it is suitable for my project. Although, if they don’t like it… I’ll do it anyway as a project for myself.

I’ve already started contacting UK based Steampunk Societies and hopefully I’ll be able to arrange photoshoots with the victims… sorry… volunteers soon.

One final note – If you know of anyone who is a Steampunker or you are yourself, please drop me a line. I would of course offer a free print of the finished photograph in return for your time.