I’ll be going to quite a few Steampunk Events this year, not just for the Project but that they are such great fun and a bunch of lovely people!

In fact… I have a confession to make… I am a Steampunk!

There… I’ve said it… Yes, I have a growing collection of Victorian style clothing, glasses, walking sticks and other bits’n’bobs.

So, I thought I’d best get in to the swing of things and produce a series of business cards for when one attends these events.

And this is what I’ve come up with. My plan was to design something elegant, refined and with a touch of steampunk…

I also wanted a caption on the back of the cards, something based along the lines of the old belief that having your photograph taken steals a bit of your soul. I thought it would be a fun element to have on there! I’ve tested the designs out on a few people (thank you – you know who you are!) and it seems to have gone down quite well.

There are three different designs for the back of the cards and one design for the front with my contact details on.