As some of you may be aware from my recent Blog Posts (see right hand side menu) I’ve been tinkering with the idea of producing a series of photographic portraits of Steampunks for the third year of my BA in Photography.

Well… the Project has started (I think it deserves a capital ‘P’) with a bang!

I’ve started contacting the admins of various Steampunk Society Facebook pages, asking if they would mind me posting a request for victims to photograph for my project. I’ve been astounded by the responses I’ve had so far. In the last 48hrs I’ve had responses from over 40 individuals and 11 Steampunk Societies have said they would be up for the project.

So the ball is now rolling and I’m getting quite excited about it.

Just have to wait till the 23rd-24th September to discuss the project with my tutors, confirm lecture dates and then I can start planning and arranging to meet these lovely people.

Note to self… Remember tea and cakes!