Dark Currents

Cathi Unsworth talks to Travis Elborough about the Dark Currents that run between the coast and crime fiction

Benedict Newbury

The poet Benedict Newbury walks the Dorset coast in verse and time

Anna Whitwham

Anna Whitwham, the author of the acclaimed crime novel, Boxer Handsome, interviewed by the writer Ann Scanlon

Max Décharné

Musician and writer Max Décharné, will trace the journey of classic pulp fiction from the dimestore to the big screen.

Lilian Pizzichini

CWA Gold Dagger Award winner, Lilian Pizzichini talks to Travis Elborough about her family memoir

A Drop of Tea with Acid

A murderous brew inspired by the crimes of the infamous 1940s Acid Bath killer John George Haigh

Paul Willetts

Paul Willetts talks to Marc Glendening about his book, North Soho 999

Syd Moore

Syd Moore talks to Mark Pilkington of Strange Attractor Press about local Fortean curiosities: Witches, Smugglers and Highwaymen

Iain Sinclair

Iain Sinclair talks to Cathi Unsworth about the life and work of the late great Derek Raymond

The Cesarians

Part Kurt Weil, part Jacques Brel, part Ernst Kirchner. The Cesarians are a 7-piece band who have played with Adam Ant and Turner-Prize winner Martin Creed


Reportage photographs from the Dragnet event at Metal Southend.