Last week I bought a roll of Ilford SFX 200, to test with my Bronica SQ-A in the college studio so see what sort of results it would give.

One of the tutors (Andy) suggested it as I might be interested in the results and it would be good to compare it with the Digital Infrared.

SFX is a B&W film with an ‘Extended’ red sensitivity, giving a slight infrared effect. I loaded it in to the Bronica and took it into the studio along with my IR converted Nikon D8.

I used a simple two light setup, flash on the left hand side and a beauty-dish on the right side slightly above the subject.

The flash was triggered by the Bronica to provide an extra boost of light as the red filter on the lens would cause the shot to be under-exposed. The beauty-dish wasn’t sync’d and would be left on during the shoot, the modelling light on the flash was left on as well.

The Bronica was placed on a tripod and the Nikon D80 was hand held.

It was all a bit ‘Heath Robinson’ yesterday as I wasn’t really sure how much IR light the lights in the studio would emit. It turned out that the beauty-dish with the tungsten light emitted more than the studio light! So more experimentation with the different lights is required.

So… what results did I get?

Sorry Andy, B&W Infrared Film isn’t for me. It doesn’t give me the results or the desired effect that I am looking for so I will be sticking to shooting IR Digitally.

Next time I’m in the studio I’ll just be taking the D80 and doing more lighting tests.