Throwing out lots of emails to photographers and studios seems to have paid off!

I had a phonecall this morning from Steve at Starlight Studios in Kentish Town.

He’d received my email (and CV) which he’d read, then he was speaking to a mutual friend who said that they knew me and thought I was a good photographer. We had a good chat on the phone about what I was looking for and what he does in his job.

Steve wondered if I’d be available next week for some lighting work. It would be on a set at a TV studio and would require lifting and carrying of equipment.

I’ve had to decline the offer at the moment due to my knee injury, the next opportunity he had was when I am in Norway on honeymoon. But… he requires someone at the end of August for another big shoot so we’ve arranged that I go help on that one.

Just have to hope that my knee is well enough by then!