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    NGC 7822 Nebula – S171s

    The NGC 7822 Nebula is approximately 2,800ly away from Sol, making it one of the easier nebula to reach and it is packed full of 'O' Class stars and Black Holes.

  • To Colonia... in a exploration Vulture!

    To Colonia… in a exploration Vulture!

    Currently sitting in deep space watching the Neutron Star Droju BW-M d7-4 A as it spins beautifully in front of me.

  • Communications Down

    Communications Down

    Sending this message via a beacon I've found out here in deep space. It was a bit smashed up, but I was able to patch it up enough to get the transmitter working.

  • Wolf-Rayet Hen 2-65

    Wolf-Rayet Hen 2-65

    Cmdr D. Chainsaw barked that the computer had picked up a Wolf-Rayet Star

  • NGC - Deep Space

    NGC – Deep Space

    Currently about 7500ly away from Sol, heading over to a nice nebula before turning towards Sag A*. Sometimes though you find a system like this which makes you want to stop and get some photographs.

  • Fuel Scooping - Which Stars?

    Fuel Scooping – Which Stars?

    In Elite Dangerous, what type of Stars can I scoop from?