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  • Inside Long Sight Base! (large images)

    Inside Long Sight Base! (large images)

    The latest update to Horizons went live last night for Beta, they've called it Engineers as they have added various NPCs which you interact with in the game to enhance various aspects of your ships.

  • On the Horizon...

    On the Horizon…

    I have a copy of some security footage that shows a never-seen-before vehicle that I can only describe as a Lunar Dune Buggy!

  • Beta 1.2 - Vulture

    Beta 1.2 – Vulture

    The other new ship is the Vulture. This is a tanked up fighter, built for combat and agility.

  • Beta 1.2 - Fer de Lance

    Beta 1.2 – Fer de Lance

    One of the 'Classic' ships from previous versions of Elite is the Fer de Lance and it has now been introduced in to v1.2 Beta!

  • D-Day tomorrow

    D-Day tomorrow

    Or rather ED-Day! Tuesday 16th December 2014 - This is the day that Elite Dangerous should be released to the public...

  • Hutton Orbital

    Hutton Orbital

    The scale of this game is huge, I'm not just talking about what they want to do with the game but the physical size of everything!

  • It is the little things...

    It is the little things…

    It is the little things like this that make Elite: Dangerous special. I was sitting in my Cobra on Saturday night...

  • Skinning a Viper

    Skinning a Viper

    They've been releasing new skins for the ships. I've got a few of the one for the Viper and thought I would have a play with them in Photoshop...