You Fool – Update

I posted a message on the Elite group I’m a member of (Elite Dangerous Community) about what had happened. Not as a whining post but as a ‘Oh Bugga!’ type of message and ‘How stupid of me’. It caused a few laughs on there and offers of help to get me restarted. I gracefully turned them down, saying it was my own stupid fault and I’d have to sort it out, but thanked them all the same.

But that didn’t stop two of the group members (Commanders Unfazed and Joker Paragon) who tracked me down and offered a cargo hold full of Rares. It was very much appreciated and unlooked for. So I’ve been able to do a few upgrades to my ship after stopping off at Founders World.

I slowly played through to the location in Empire Space I was in before I was killed by CMDR SpaceBar(!) scanning systems as I went and killing pirates so managed to earn another 100k on the way there, which was nice.

Now to start on my Rep with the Empire again… already located a system nearby that sells Combat Stabilizers for one of the missions.

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