Wolf-Rayet Hen 2-65

I reached the Carina Nebula last week on my trip to Sag A*, but on the way I too some damage to my canopy (accident involving a fight over beer, my co-pilot and flying too close to a Binary White Dwarf) so I’ll be heading back to Imperial Space soon.

Last nights explorations got quite exciting for a moment, Cmdr D. Chainsaw barked that the computer had picked up a Wolf-Rayet Star 62ly away so I adjusted the navicomp and set a course to it. She barked again and I looked at the name of the system Hen 2-65, strange name I said out loud, I looked over and said “There won’t be any chicken for lunch there!”.

We dropped in to the system and shut down the engines to drift as we marvelled at the sight. Wolf-Rayet Stars can a fantastic light. The Advanced Discovery Scanner beeped and the data for the star appeared on my screen…

Frell… After countless systems with no system registrations, this one had already been discovered by Cmdr Nicomak!

I couldn’t believe it. But them’s the breaks of deep space exploration. I sat back and raised my bottle of beer at the star and commended the other commander for getting here first.

Daisy looked at me in a resigned manner, no chickens. She sighed, then jumped off her chair and went to look at the stocks levels of gravy bones!

Wolf Rayet Hen 2-65