I found a White Star today…

I was flying around the Beta area exploring the different systems, basically just seeing what is out there, when I found my first White Star!

Absolutely blown away by the beauty of it, I probably say there watching my screen for about 30mins before I started to take some screen shots. The animation of the surface of the star and the coronal mass ejections is superb, Frontier Developments have really outdone themselves 🙂

If you want to visit it yourself, it is BD+67 1409.

Click on an image to see the high-res version in a new window.


White Star Rising

White Star Rising (4K – 3358x4197pixels – 1.49mb)


Solar Flare #01

Solar Flare #01 (1921x1081pixels – 886kb)


Solar Flare #02

Solar Flare #02 (4K – 7676x4320pixels – 3.45mb)


More images soon.