A Tale of Two Commanders

Crisis in the frontier!

Or… If you run out of fuel and call for help, make sure the Commander isn’t drunk in charge of a Python!

CMDR Zeveryn: Commanders log 330106-10-1

I’m on my way to Cubeo to rejoin with allied commanders in Aisling Duval honour. I travelled through several systems without any issues, refuelling along the way to my destination, however i made a major miscalculation on my way there… I ran out of fuel… “How could I be so stupid to forget a simple thing as a fuel scoop?”

I powered down my sub systems and hoped for a traveller to show up in my local NavCom, I waited for hours until I decided to broadcast an emergency signal into subspace containing my location (Col 285 Sector JD-T A33-0 – Deep Space) restricting it channel FCBUK-Elite-D , I waited for someone to catch my signal.

Hours went on as I sat in my chair watching the sun, I kept thinking I will die in this metal coffin, suddenly…

“A signal!” I shouted to myself in surprise.

“I received your signal commander, I’m on my way to your location with the fuel you need!”

Some time later an odd fellow by the call-sign of CMDR Soulreape dropped into local space and we opened voice comms.

However, he didn’t seem to be sober, as his flying was erratic and couldn’t fly in a straight line, he approached me and i hoped to god he knew what he was doing..


My ship and shields took a hit! He rammed straight into me at rather high speed. My shields took the most of the beating and went down.

He was most certainly drunk, and he was Scottish too so his accent and drunken behaviour made it hard for me to understand what he was saying.

I got my fuel and he showed me the way to the closest starbase and we flew separate ways.

CMDR Soulreape

It was a strange day, one of those ones where there is no other option but to get drunk and head out on safari, I was out killing Tibetan Wolf’s in Sector F4R CRY 4, when I spotted a “ship in distress” message on the intergalactic message channel, a CMDR Zeveryn had outjumped his Viper’s fuel tank range and found himself stranded in Col 285 Sector JD-T A33-0, with no stations to refuel and no fuel scoop on board.

I decided as pickings were slim on safari that I would make haste to my Python and head out to rescue the commander in distress. I was just about 100ly away from the CMDR’s location, with my Python based in Quivira. She had a full cargo hold so I knew if I was going to get there quickly I would have to sell up, I made a small loss on the cargo, but that was trivial when compared to another CMDR’s life. I purchased a new refuelling module and 20 limpets, thinking that would be enough to at least allow an escorted trip to the nearest space station.

I set a course for Col 285 Sector JD-T A33-0 in my nav computer, which took longer than expected due to the sheer amount of COL 285’s in the Galaxy and due to in no small part to my aforementioned inebriation.

My father had always told me not to fly drunk, and his words were ringing in my ears as I launched from Godel Dock in Quivira. I never did pay much attention to his lessons. After successfully piloting the Python out of the smaller than I remember Coriolis entrance, only scraping an incoming T7 ever so slightly, I lined up for my first jump. I can’t remember the name now, but it was about 17 light years away, I charged up the drive and was about to jump when I suddenly remembered that I had no fuel scoop on board. Managed to cancel the jump and was faced with the daunting task of squeezing my ship through that ever decreasing hole in the front of Godel dock. I took another drink to steady my nerves and went for it. It all went smoothly and I was back in the air in no time, again heading for my first jump point, this time packing a decent sized fuel scoop.

Never being one to be careless I scooped on every jump, just in case it ended up with the both of us being stranded light years from nowhere, at least I would have had someone to talk to as I waited for the cold dead space to consume me.

Got to Col 285 Sector JD-T A33-0 without incident after a few more jumps and a few close shaves of getting too close to the stars providing me my propulsion. Locked onto CMDR Zeveryn’s frame shift wake and made my way toward his destination.

Jumped out about 12k from him and headed toward him, slipping on the throttle I managed to push all engines to full and apply boost at the same time. Not really being able to judge distance that well due to my intoxication he started getting big very quickly! I slammed her in reverse as CMDR Zeveryn’s ship appeared to fill my display, too late as I rammed him head on, panicking, thinking of the size difference of the ships I spun around quickly and found him still there with at least one shield ring left! Relieved I apologised for my miscalculations and engaged the refuelling limpets, after transferring 4 tons of fuel he had enough to make the jump to Njirus, where I had calculated was the closest friendly system with a refuel available and with Outfitting to allow him to buy a fuel scoop.

I set a course for the system and made the jump first so as not to waste any more fuel I thought I would check to make sure fuel scoops were available. Luck would have it they were, I radio’d in to CMDR Zeveryn and advised him to set a course for Moriarty Horizons also. He arrived shortly afterwards and thanked me for my assistance. All in all a good days work, saving the life gave me a way out of my day and it improved afterwards. I retired to the bar to celebrate my success instead of my failure, the Safari can wait for another day…