So glad I waited… Lave

Dateline: 01 APR 3301

During the early Beta phases of the games development we didn’t have access to the original starting location (Lave) for the first Elite game. Then a little later they opened up that section of space and quite a few people went back to where it all started.

I wanted to wait until the game was fully finished before heading over there and exploring old haunts, remembering the game and reminiscing over past glories.

Also, truth be told, I wasn’t a little anxious about seeing Lave Station. Why?

Well… I wanted to remember it how it was. All wireframe rather than the new design – not that I have anything against the new graphics and designs, they are stunning. I just kinda had a soft spot for Lave and wished it would be different!

Never been there for the Rare Goods, when I was doing the Rare Trade Routes I deliberately skipped Lave and went to all the other systems around it to pick up the Rares.

Anyway… today I bit the bullet (so to speak) and decided it was time I went… I shouldn’t have worried.

Obviously someone at Frontier felt the same and when I finally plucked up the courage to Return to Lave I saw that my dreams had come true and there was Lave Station in all it’s 3D wireframe glory.

I had to take a screenshot of it and thought I should post it here…


The Return to Lave

The weirdest things was, that when I flew through the entrance (no toast rack!) everything on the inside was like the new stations. It must have been only on the outside!