Permits – Access Required

If you’ve played Elite for any length of time you’ll probably noticed that there are some systems that you cannot get to without a Permit. Some of these system permits are only available through doing missions for the two major powers (Empire and Federation) where they are rewards as a perk of the Ranking System. Our home system permit, Sol, is such a reward.

Others like Phekda are obtainable by doing missions in neighbouring systems where the Faction that controls the system requiring the permit has an interest. With Phekda, for example, it is the systems Brizo, Ethgreze and Megrez. The local factions that you will want to do missions for all seem to have the name of the system in them, for example, mission for the Phekda Permit are from the faction called Phekda Society.

Going to these systems and doing missions for permit issuing faction will improve your reputation with them and eventually lead to them offering you a permit for that system.

There is one exception to this and that is Shinrarta Dezhra aka Founders World. To get the permit for this system you need to obtain the rank of Dangerous or higher in any of the three categories; Combat, Trade or Exploration.

Searching through various resources (Elite Forums, Reddit, Blogs, Facebook) I’ve compiled a list of some of the permits that you can get in the game. I’ve split them in to different sections so they are easy to reference if required. I’ve also listed the method of obtaining the permits.

The Permit Obtained symbol next to some of the names are the Permits I have gathered so far.

System Permits: Alliance Systems

System: Alioth Permit Obtained
Permit Available From: 78 Ursae Majoris, Ethgreze, LP 131-66, Sobek
Benefit: Discounts on ship prices at Irkutsk Station, 20% which is more than Founders World! Only applies to certain ships though. Confirmed so far: Asp Explorer and Orca

System Permits: Empire Systems

System: Achenar Permit Obtained
Permit Available at Rank: Master
Benefit: Unknown/None

System: Summerland Permit Obtained
Permit Available at Rank: Lord
Benefit: Unknown/None

System: Facece Permit Obtained
Permit Available at Rank: Count
Benefit: Unknown/None

Additional Benefit: The Imperial Clipper is available to purchase when you gain the rank of Baron.

System Permits: Federation Systems

System: Sol Permit Obtained
Permit Available at Rank: Midshipman
Benefit: Access to the Homeworld of Mankind. Also 20% discount on the Eagle at Daedalus Station (orbiting Mercury)

System: Beta Hydri
Permit Available at Rank: Petty Officer
Benefit: Edmondson High Station has a large variety of weapons and 10% discount on Eagle.

System: PLX 695
Permit Available at Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Benefit: Unknown

System: Ross 128
Permit Available at Rank: Warrant Officer
Benefit: Unknown

System: Vega
Permit Available at Rank: Ensign
Benefit: Rare Cargo – Vegan Slimeweed
Additional Benefit: Access to Federal Dropship at the rank of Ensign.

System: Hors
Permit Available at Rank: Lieutenant
Benefit: Unknown

System: Exbeur
Permit Available at Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Benefit: Unknown

There are five other Permit Systems in Federation Space that I don’t have information for: 4 Sextantis, CD-44 1695, LFT 509, Mingfu and Witch’s Reach.

System Permits: Independent Systems

System: Crom Permit Obtained
Permit Available From: 69 G. Carinae, Bunuras, Herthe, Laifangyi and Un Naraya
Faction: Crom Silver Boys
Benefit: Unknown/None

System: Hodack
Permit Available From: Amalangkan, Chuelchs and Dhathaarib
Faction: Hodack Prison Colony
Benefit: Unknown

System: Isinor – No longer available since 1.3 Powerplay –
Permit Available From: Anotchadiae and Reshas
Faction: Chapter of Isinor
Benefit: Salvage Convoys have been reported in this system

System: Jotun
Permit Available From: Caleta and Djaujang
Faction: Dukes of Jotun
Benefit: Rare Cargo – Juton Mookah

System: LTT 198
Permit Available From: Arngi, Kigandan, Tavgi and Theta Sculptoris
Faction: LTT 198 Order
Benefit: Unknown

System: Luyten 347-14
Permit Available From: LHS 3531, LHS 449, Luyten 205-128, Narenses and Stopover
Faction: Luyten 347-14 Prison Colony
Benefit: Unknown

System: Nastrond
Permit Available From: Daruwutja, Taribes, and Wonorne Nu
Faction: Defence Party of Nastrond
Benefit: Unknown

System: Peregrina
Permit Available From: HIP 18609 – Also Kagutsuchi – Good to rank up there but can only get permit from HIP 18609-
Faction: Peregrina Aristocrats
Benefit: Unknown

System: Phekda
Permit Available From: Brizo, Ethgreze and Megrez
Faction: Phekda Society
Benefit: Unknown
Note: Ethgreze is also a location for the Alioth Permit

System: Pi Mensae
Permit Available From: Alpha Chamaelontis and Walgan
Faction: Pi Mensae Brotherhood
Benefit: Unknown

System: Shinrarta Dezhra Permit Obtained
Permit Available: Obtain the rank of Elite in any of the three categories; Combat, Trade or Exploration.
Benefit: Rare Cargo – Waters of Shintara
Additional Benefit: 10% on all ship, equipment and weapon prices

System: Sirius
Permit Available From: Almagest, Avik, Ceos, HIP 8396, Luyten’s Star, Procyon, Robigo, Sothis, Takurua and Te Kaha
Faction: Sirius Corp
Benefit: Unknown

System: Terra Mater
Permit Available From: Hecate
Faction: Brotherhood of Terra Mater
Benefit: Rare Cargo – Terra Mater Blood Bores

System: Tiliala
Permit Available From: Akandinigua, Bedaho and Varpet
Faction: Conservatives of Tiliala
Benefit: Unknown

System: Van Maanen’s Star
Permit Available From: Epsilon Eridani, IL Aquarii, Tau Ceti, TZ Arietis and YZ Ceti
Faction: Sublime Order of Van Maanen’s Star
Benefit: Unknown