Our First Anaconda!

A story from Commander Talynne Star, entitled Our First Anaconda!

An Orange Line

Commander’s Log. 1-13-3301

Today was a simple enough start. Spent most of the day hunting down pirates in the Kremainn system. Admittedly it had me rather bored. Most of them were in Sidewinders or Eagles. I was almost ready to head back to Wohler Terminal to call it a day.

That’s when Talyn’s sensors picked her up.
Ship: Anaconda
Pilot: Tiash Corrtekx
Rank: Novice
Status: WANTED
Bounty: 44,160cr

My heart stopped. An Anaconda? Those things were powerful. The chance of me and Talyn dying was real. They were headed for one of the planets in Kremainn. I closed my eyes, debating.

“Well, Talyn? Should we go for it?” Yes, I talk to my ship. She responds, if you listen close enough.

I could feel the tension in my ship, almost a low growl of, “Let’s do it.” I nodded and shoved the throttle to max, deploying the FSD Interdictor. Talyn responded happily and we shot forward.

I activated the Interdictor. It was a fight at first. I was determined to get her out of Supercruise, though.

Interdiction: Target Submitted.

My heart is pounding at this point. Before I even start firing, I lock on and start shifting through the tons of hardpoints and subsystems to find the power core. I finally find it and we gun it, firing everything we have at it.

Numerous times we tried lining up behind them, but were unsuccessful. Several times shields went down. Several times we boosted away just to allow shields to come back online and regenerate. Two rings up and I’d turn us back, throwing everything into the thrusters and heading for it. It hurt. Oh it hurt. I saw the small flames on Talyn’s display console, saw the sparks. I could almost feel the pain my ship was in. But shields held for some time while I’d pick at the Anaconda with a gimballed Burst Laser and two gimballed Multi-cannons.

The ‘conda’s power core began to drop. 50%… 20%… dodge and run, Talyn’s shields are down… boost and avoid on-coming fire, allow shields to regen. Turn back and open fire. 10%. 7%. 3%… 1%…

Talyn’s shields are down to around 10%, I turn and boost away. Talyn’s hull is at 23%, I dare not let her shields drop a fourth time. If that happens, we’re toast. Again avoidance to let her shields regen. Two rings, shields at approx 66%. We turn back and head for it.

Taking more damage. More sparks, flames and disjointed displays. Her shields are nearly down. We open fire and stay on target… so close…

There’s an explosion.

We’re alive.

With 44k to redeem.

We’ve killed our first Anaconda.

Talyn came out of it with a cracked canopy and a severely damaged hull; 23% integrity, me with a blood system filled with adrenaline. We limped home to Wohler Terminal in Kremainn, but felt like heroes as we finally landed safely. She’s under repair now and resting.

I keep getting annoyed looks from the repair personnel. I think they’re tired of seeing me every day with damage.

*Chuckles* Oh well. They’re getting paid to fix my ship, and meanwhile I keep the pirates off their tails.

— End Log

An Orange Line


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