NGC – Deep Space

Currently about 7500ly away from Sol, heading over to a nice nebula before turning towards Sag A*.

I’m scanning each system with the Advanced Discovery Scanner (ADS) and picking out the interesting “Earth Like” planets and “Water Worlds” that can be terraformed, but mostly is it a quick ADS and then off to the next system.

However, sometimes you find a system like this which makes you want to stop and get some photographs 🙂

  • FnWf-NGC-DeepSpace-07
  • FnWf-Eta-Carina-02
  • FnWf-Eta-Carina-03
  • FnWf-NGC-DeepSpace-02
  • FnWf-NGC-DeepSpace-03
  • FnWf-Eta-Carina-01
  • FnWf-NGC-DeepSpace-05
  • FnWf-NGC-DeepSpace-06
  • FnWf-NGC-DeepSpace-01