NGC 7822 Nebula - S171s

NGC 7822 Nebula – S171s


The NGC 7822 Nebula is approximately 2,800ly away from Sol, making it one of the easier nebula to reach and it is packed full of ‘O’ Class stars and Black Holes.

I was out there a couple of months ago on my way to the Rift so I thought I would drop by and record the 46 different S171 systems so I could add them to my exploration lists.

One note of warning, if you are flying a craft with a jump capability of 25ly or less you may have trouble getting in to the nebula. My advice would be to aim for the region below the nebula and then head upwards. There is a small ladder of stars in that area that will help you get in to the centre.

Here are my charts for the S171 systems within the NGC 7822 Nebula