Landing Pad Directions

A Message from the Station Worker’s Union (SWU).

Due to the busy nature of the stations, the crew sometimes don’t have time to re-align the landing pad for the next pilot.

To help new pilots, we thought it might help to post the following information…

When flying towards your allocated landing pad you will notice that the radar display changes when you are over your landing zone it to a representation of the landing pad.

As you slow down and manoeuvre above the pad, take note of which way your ship has appeared on the display.

When facing the landing tower, the graphic of your ship should be facing the same way as your actual ship and look like this:

Correct Position of pad

Correct Position of pad

If this is what you see, proceed to land and continue with your day.

However, if the graphic of the ship is facing towards you and away from the tower as in the image below you will need to manoeuvre your ship 180° so that you are facing away from the tower and then proceed to land.

Incorrect position of pad.

Incorrect position of pad.

We do apologise for any inconvenience caused. This is mainly due to our members facing long working hours and the continuing disagreement that we (the SWU) have with the Federal Station Management in regards to adequate staff numbers and holiday entitlement.

Message Ends