It is the little things…

It is the little things like this that make Elite: Dangerous special. I was sitting in my Cobra on Saturday night, several miles above Earth. Directly over the UK and looking at the changes in sea level to make sure that I’d still be able to get Fish & Chips in Whitby!

After seeing all was okay there (shame about Norfolk and The Netherlands) I turned the ship around and looked out in to space…

UK - Sea Levels

As I spun the Cobra around I suddenly realised that I could see the Plough directly in front of me.

Time passes… I’m still staring at the screen looking at the Plough constellation in front of me. I look out of the window next to my PC and I can see the Plough above me in real life as well and I find I’m having to wipe a tear away from my eye.

This is a weird feeling… *deep breath* this is what makes the game something special.

The Plough, visible from Earth in Elite: Dangerous

On my way to Alioth now to photograph ‘Sol from the Plough’.