Hutton Orbital

The scale of this game is huge, I’m not just talking about what they want to do with the game but the physical size of everything within the game.

As you’d expect, their recreation of the galaxy is based on scientific data so if you go to one of the Astronomical Databases with all the known stars listed and it says that Star-B72 is 4,712 light years away then that is exactly what it is in the game.

Now luckily they’ve not quite kept to the ‘real’ world physics and allow faster than light travel, otherwise you’d set off for a new system and your ship would still be travelling there but the crew would be your great-great-great-grand-children!

Even with the FTL travel, some places still take a fair bit of time to travel to in the game.

For example, Hutton Oribital in the Alpha Centauri System. You arrive in the system near the main star and the station is 2.2Ly away! Even travelling at your fastest ‘in-system’ speed it will still take you about 30mins to get there, something that you’ll only want to do once. And after that you’ll want to avoid doing missions that need to go there and make up any reason not to do it.

In fact, it reminds me of an excuse that is used in another game I used to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which you hear the soldiers say “I used to be an Adventurer, until I took an Arrow in the Knee”.

I Took an Arrow in the Knee