Fourteen Again…

A friend of mine came over for the weekend, he used to play Elite on the PC as a young lad and he’d deliberately stayed away from the new version partly as he hasn’t had time to play it, but also for fear that it would ruin his memories of the game. He didn’t want to be disappointed.

So it was with a little intrepidation that he sat down at my computer as started up the game and selected the training missions.

The first one started and he sat there… his jaw gaping open and I saw the look on his face and it was the excited 14yr old sitting there playing the game.

Was fantastic watching the joy and astoundedness (is that a word?) as he went through the starting missions.

Then we selected the launching/docking training exercises. See the inside of the station I thought he was going to weep!

For most of Saturday and quite a bit of today it has all been Elite and talk on him buying a new computer to run it 🙂

Oh… on the docking exercises, he’s the only person I know that can constantly enter the space station… Sideways! Every time!

He might even have chosen a CMDR name due to how he does it… But I don’t think they’ll allow CMDR WithLotsOflLube!