Empire Ranks… What do I need to do?

UPDATE: Since the last update (v1.3 Powerplay) they changed the levels for the different ranks and added new ranks to the Empire and Federation! As soon as I have more info I’ll update the charts.

We all have to start somewhere and you’ve chosen the best route – the Glorious Empire!

Being new to the Empire you start with no Rank, but spend some time taking missions for the different Cartels who are part of the Empire and you’ll soon gain their trust and be offered better work from them. As you progress you’ll be contacted by Imperial Agents who will offer you contacts in support of the Empire. Complete these successfully and you’ll be given a Rank in the Empire as a reward. The Ranks are as follows:


The first mission is one to test your dedication to the Empire. They require specific goods which may be illegal in that system, so you might have to smuggle them in to the station. Quite often it is items like Combat Stabilizers or Personal Weapons so make sure you know where to source these items before you take the mission. The time limit to complete it is only 10 minutes. My advice would be when you are offered the mission, don’t take it until you have the required items. Once you have them, the mission is bound to come up again.


Another delivery job, this time you will have three hours to source Food or Medicines.


More deliveries of Food or Medicines with a generous two-hour timer. Either that or you’ll be asked to courier some Secret Documents.
System Permit Available: Achenar


To gain the Rank of Squire, you need to complete an assassination of a highly placed Federation member. You will be asked to kill a specific General or a Dame! You’ll be given the system you need to go to and then you’ll have to search Unidentified Signal Source (USS) points to find them. Make sure you kill them in the system you have been told otherwise you may fail the mission.


More fighting required for the title of Knight. This time they require you to hunt down and kill pirates, the amount of them is variable. Again search USS points in that system and silence any pirates you find till you have completed the mission.


Another delivery mission, it might be Combat Stabilizers again. A good source for these are High Tech Systems that are run by a Dictatorship.
System Permit Available: Summerland


Another haulage mission with a standard time frame. Upon completion you will be allowed to purchase the Imperial Clipper.


Courier mission, more Secret Files. I had 1hr 08 minutes to complete the mission.


Another Assassination, this time a General in an Imperial Clipper. (Thanks to Grendahl for the info.)
System Permit Available: Facece


Had reported intel from CMDR Oakworth that this mission is to engage and destroy Pirate vessels in a nearby system. They are involved in plots against the Empire and need to be removed asap. Go well armed as there were seven kills for this mission. UPDATE: The amount of kills can vary between three and nine, it all depends on what sort of security status the system has.