To Colonia… in a exploration Vulture!

Neutron Star - Droju BW-M d7-4 A

Currently sitting in deep space about 3700ly from Sol and watching the Neutron Star Droju BW-M d7-4 A as it spins beautifully in front of me. I’ll be flying through the streams later to boost my FSD to 100ly or more which is nearly four times the standard jump distance in my exploration Vulture.

Yes, I did say “Exploration Vulture”! It is something I’ve been working on for a while, visiting different Engineers and trying to remove any excess weight from the ship but still leave it combat ready. The main work was getting a level five modification to the Frame Shift Drive, that got the optimised mass to 778.2t which is a 48.2% improvement

Engineered Frame Shift Drive

One of the other areas for weight removal was on the Pulse Lasers, by getting the Engineer to install Light Weight Mounts we cut down the mass by nearly 75%. The Engineers also installed a thermal effect on the other Pulse Laser to cause heat damage on my targets.

Light Weight Mounts

Overall I’m quite happy with the adjustments as it gives me a 28.85ly Jump Range, which is a damn sight better than the 8ly jump range it started with when I bought her.

28.85ly Jump Range

I even had one of those new customised body kits fitted before leaving, not sure how much it changes the handling of the ship but I think it adds a little something to the ship. Cmdr Daisy Chainsaw met up with in Sol for a few drinks before the new ship and I went out in to the void, she helped my pick a name for the ship… Skofnung, which means:

“The best of all swords that have been carried in northern lands”, it was renowned for supernatural sharpness and hardness, as well as for being imbued with the spirits of the king’s 12 faithful berserker bodyguards.

Daisy suggested that I’ll be needing all the help I can get trying to travel to Colonia in a Vulture, so perhaps the berserker bodyguards will keep us safe!

Skofnung - Explorer Vulture


So, we’re 3,700ly in to a 22,000ly journey and its going very well so far. Only had one FSD malfunction due to flying too close to a star whilst refueling but that was pilot error rather than Skofnung’s fault. Seen some interesting sights on the way including spectacular ring systems…

Rings Systems

Dwarf Stars with rings…

Dwarf Stars with rings

Water Worlds

Water Worlds

And… slightly ill looking worlds!

Slightly ill

All of which I’ve listed as “First Discovered” which will net me a nice bonus when I get to Colonia.

Oh, I forgot to say we also installed a SRV for cruising around on the planet surfaces if I need to resupply materials for repairs or FSD Boosts. Anyone call a taxi?

Anyone call a taxi?