Beta 1.2 – Vulture

The other new ship is the Vulture. This is a tanked up fighter, built for combat and agility.

Not sure what the prices will be when the Vulture is implemented in to the game, but if you look at the prices for Reactive Hulls for other ships it can give you a rough idea as they are approx. 2-3 times the price of the actual ship they are fitted on.

That looks quite close to the Imperial Clipper, so perhaps it will be a similar price… Have to wait till next week I guess, in the meantime I’m going Clipper/Dropship Hunting as this ship is great at knocking them out of the skies.

Here are a few example prices of equipment as well, just to give you an idea of what your expenses might be:
Beam Laser Class 3 Gimbled – 2,396,160cr
Power Plant A4 – 1,610,080cr
Power Distributor A5 – 1,241,317cr
Frame Shift Drive A4 – 1,610,080cr
Thrusters D5 – 189,035cr
Shield Generator A5 – 5,103,953cr

And finally… some pictures. Enjoy!