Beta 1.2 – Fer de Lance

One of the ‘Classic’ ships from previous versions of Elite is the Fer de Lance and it has now been introduced in to the new version, or rather it has been released in to v1.2 Beta for testing.

As you know, I’ve got Beta access and I couldn’t wait to get in-game and take this ship for a quick fly around a few systems. Verdict… Oh Boy!

It is beautiful! Flight response is super fast and seems very manoeuvrable indeed. The only downsides I can see if the FSD range which is only going to be about 17ly at maximum – from what I can see so far – and the seating position which just seems a little odd being off-centre.

More on the specs tomorrow, but I thought you’d like to see some shots that I took with the new External Camera! Yes, we now have a camera we can use to get screenshots with and it is fantastic.

Have a look at these…