A Tale Of Two Interdictions…

Two little interdiction stories…

In the first, the names have been changed.

There I was flying around a system (Patronage not Anarchy) last night killing some Pirates for the local faction when I was interdicted. So as I had no cargo and was just on a hunting mission I slowed down and submitted to the interdiction, I was quite surprised when I realised it was actually another human!

I performed a ‘wing waggle’ and flashed my lights in a ‘Hello’ greeting and in return they slung a load of missiles at me from close range and then rail-gunned me which smashed my canopy

I high-tailed it out of there and he followed me when I jumped, then interdicted me again. I hailed CMDR I-R-TWNT-22 and asked what was he doing as I had to cargo or bounty. To which he replied ‘Die F#cker’ (pardon my language) and then started shooting again.

I jumped again, he followed but in the short time I had before he tried to interdict me again I googled his commander name and as luck would have it I found his blog straight away. Turns out he is from Liverpool, 22yrs old and an Eve player. It also had his real name on there…

This time when he interdicted me, I hailed him and said “Robert – Feck off or I send the boys round!”.

The firing stopped…

He hailed me, “How you know my name?”

I replied… “You’re being watched!” and then I jumped.

He didn’t follow and I burst out laughing.

An Orange Line

The second tale is a much simpler one and only involves me and an NPC (Non Player Character).

I was on another mission to kill a Federation General when I was interdicted again, as usual I submitted to the process and dropped out in to normal space. I deployed my weapons and Kill Warrant Scanner and targeted the ship that had pulled me out of hyperspace. A Cobra… with a Pilot called Loki!

“Father” I shouted over the coms, but he didn’t hear me… he just scanned my ship and then opened fire. I tried to dodge him as I didn’t want to shoot at him but he persisted with the attack.

I targeted his thrusters to disable his ship so I didn’t have to kill him… but during the fight his ship took too much damaged and he died in an explosion of fire.

Death of Loki

Oh well… 3300cr richer and promoted to Novice in the Rankings. Thanks Dad!