A message from Sui Xiao Gu

Just docked at ‘Lounge Port’ (69 G. Carinae) and went down to the bar for some much needed rest after the last mission.

I asked the barmen for a glass of Lavian Brandy and he mentioned someone had been in looking for me and left a message. As he passed my the brandy, he slipped the message over the bar.

I took it to a quiet table, sipped my drink and opened it…
To: CMDR Fenris Wolf
From: CMDR PaleGringo
Subject: One of yours?
En route to Sui Xiao Gu, saw your name on the First Discovered By tag, thought I’d drop you a line.

I looked at the system scan he’d included in the message…

Sui Xiao Gu… I hadn’t been there since March 3301, stayed over at Heng Dock a few nights as I was smuggling rare goods. Haven’t been back since due to a misunderstanding with the family of a girl I met, I’d only shared a few drinks with Yuriko… Honest…

I wonder if PaleGringo was on about the name on the system scan… or Yuriko!

Sui Xiao Gu