Permits - Access Required

Permits – Access Required

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8 Responses

  1. althalus says:

    once again great info

  2. Be4st says:

    FYI, I was rewarded with Exbeur permit at Ensign rank. I do not have Hors permit. Something has allowed me to skip certain stages of progression.

  3. L@neWolf says:

    Seems Peregrina is no longer a plague system. Undine is now human breathable and has indigenous life.

  4. Fenris Wolf says:

    Many thanks for the updated status information. Will make the change to the page.

  5. shadowwar says:

    Excellent info and a joy to find. Just one thing tho, the permit for Isinor is not on Reshas or aonotchaniae

  6. shadowwar says:

    Buddy, the permit for Isinor just turned up but it’s not available to me just yet. I am not trusted by the faction despite being Allied to all three factions and 91% with the local station!

  7. John Doe says:


    The order of Federation permits is wrong. I got

    Exbeur: Ensign
    Vega: Lieutenant
    Hors: Lieutenant Commander

  8. Markoz says:

    I became allied with the Chapter of Isinor faction about 3 weeks ago, but I have not been given a permit for Isinor yet. I keep going back there to check and see if it’s available, but it’s never there to be gotten. 🙁

    With the Permits given for gaining ranks in Federation, I got different ones to the ones you listed for the rank. However, this was a few months ago, and I don’t know if you have updated them since then, but it doesn’t really matter because I still got.

    I have spent a lot of time getting the Permits for the systems that require them thanks to this page, so thank you for that, it has been very helpful and I only have one more to go now (not including Isinor).