Empire Ranks... What do I need to do?

Empire Ranks… What do I need to do?

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  1. Grendahl says:

    Fenris, the jump to Count is via a single assassination mission of a General in an Imperial Clipper. Pretty easy.

  2. Fenris Wolf says:

    Many thanks for the update, I’ve added it to the post

  3. Ray Skinner says:

    love the site, and the ‘time since reset’ counter :), did it really need 2 digits for ‘days’ ? 🙂

  4. Atl Nacional says:

    My mission for squire was also a General in a imperial clipper. I just did it.

  5. Fenris Wolf says:

    Well Done – Soon be up to a Baron and you can get the Imperial Clipper!

  6. spaghetti monster says:

    your ranking up exactly the same way as I.
    I too hold no other ranks than those for the empire.
    think we should team up.
    I’m a viscount right now.

  7. Wally Walford says:

    Just an addition to your Knight ranking, i took all 4 pirates out at a nav point, never dropped into a single USS. And thanks for this. was invaluble in deciding what ship and what load out to take into Empire space

  8. […] Additional Benefit: The Imperial Clipper is available to purchase when you gain the rank of Baron. […]

  9. T.C McQueen says:

    Strangely, I did up to squire but did not receive a system permit for Achenar from any of the previous missions. I still don’t have it. Bug perhaps?

  10. lFUSEl says:

    I really enjoy this and has helped but I am rather confused on how to obtain all of the missions. Do I just aimlessly get rep until the missions fall upon you to rank up? Or is there actual places you can go for each mission.

  11. Fenris Wolf says:

    You can be offered the ranking missions at any station/outpost that is associated with that military faction (Empire/Federal). What I’ve been doing is, if I am allied with the system faction I go to another system and work on my reputation with them. Although at the moment I am a ‘Baron’ with the Imperials and also Allied with them so all the Imperial system factions are also allied with me. I’m not sure if this is effecting the handing out of mission or not.

  12. John says:

    I can’t find the target generals in any USS. I’ve spent days attempting several missions like this. Every USS I go to is completely empty.

  13. John liem says:

    I have already the imperial clipper, but I still can not get the next rank at this moment I have viscount and warrant officier, I did a lot of mission in empire or federation, but I could not find any naval ascension apportunity anymore , and I did fly to diffrence system, what have I done wrong? that I could not get next rank,

    FYI sometimes I abondon a mission , is it maybe the reason?

  14. nick says:

    I’ve made it up to knight so far with nothing but hauling/courier missions from the same two stations.