I was talking to one of our tutors at college on Wednesday about my ideas for the exhibition. She thought it was quite interesting and suggested I had a look at the work of “Maria Miesenberger”. She is a Swedish photographer who produced a series of photographs from her childhood in which she blacked out herself and blurred the photographs.

From her book of the series: “Sverige/Schweden”

By re-presenting her father’s images of her childhood in Austria and Sweden, Maria Miesenberger transforms these images to another order of speech. The photographed persons are no longer recognized as individuals. They are set afloat as dark hollow shapes in the image.

They are similar in a way, but the reason behind me blacking out the images of the children and putting a black box over the eyes of the adults is more about the restrictions that people are trying to impose on photographers.

Some sections of society think it is wrong to talk photographs of children. Whether their reasons for this is privacy or fear of paedophilia, it is wrong to ban such freedoms.

If only for the lack of memories captured at the times the photographs are taken. If these people do get there way and photography of minors is restricted or banned altogether, we will be producing a Lost Generation.

I had them printed at ProAm Imaging in Bradford and they did a fantastic job. The prints are 16×12 inches and I’ve flat-mounted them on mount-board. I spray mounted the images on the 2mm thick board and then cut them out when it had dried sufficiently.

My series is called “Lost Generation”