I went down to the Electrician’s Shop at Trinity Buoy Wharf last night to see the new exhibition CLUSTER³ UNCLUTTERED.

I’ve been promising Garry that I would get down to the exhibitions he has there for some time but due to knee problems I haven’t been able to until now. And how I wish I’d been able to get there before this.

The latest exhibition starts before you even get to Trinity Buoy Wharf. As you walk down Orchard Place you’ll see various paintings/artwork on the walls and panels. Insects dressed as armed police (No Angel/Follow Gee), a haunting yet beautiful face (Irony) and my favourite Fail Guard: The Pink Bear by Paul Robinson.

So take your time and enjoy them before carrying on down to the wharf.

When you get there have a look at the Container City, a marvellous idea of using shipping containers linked together to make work and learning places. I stood there for a while looking at them. A really great idea!

There’s also a group of iron sculptures outside the Electrician’s Shop, two motorised which feature parts of the human body that orbit each other and upon alignment depict the whole body. And one which is powered by/made with a bicycle. All are beautifully rusted and textured. Those that know my photography can guess how much I missed my macro lens when walking around them!

Then I went in to the Electrician’s Shop to meet up with Garry and look around the exhibition. The area itself is (as the name suggests) an old electrician’s workshop which has been stripped out, painted white and set up for exhibitions. It is a good sized area – not too large, not too small – and has a charm to it.

There are some really nice pieces of work on show, but for me there were three artists whose work I really liked.

Clare Adams – Triptych and Embodied Tree. Have a look at her website, the Embodied project is really exciting.

David O’Malley – The sense of scale and depth in his ‘space’ drawings blew me away. They really have to be seen to be appreciated. I could have easily stood there all night looking at them.

Rodrigo Souto – His ‘Series of Postcards’ laid out on the table reminded me of the ‘Constructivism’ work of Aleksandr Rodchenko.

Anyway… The show is only on till September 8th so you’ll have to go down this weekend.

The main event website is Trinity Buoy Wharf and the Facebook event page is CLUSTER³ UNCLUTTERED

Here are some of my photographs from yesterday.