Make the most of the sensitivity of your camera and turn that ISO up to at least 1600. Don’t worry about the noise, in fact make the most of its texturizing effect, and shoot away. It doesn’t have to be dark remember.

I’ve been waiting for this round of the competition as I love high ISO photography, especially when using Nikon DSLRs. The high ISO capabilities of the Nikon D3 and D800 are stunning in the lack of noise shown in the photograph, when out on a shoot I often set the camera for ISO 1600 (or ISO 6400) knowing full well that the photographs will be usable.

Anyway, back to this months competition… As you probably already know I do a lot of flower photography and I’ve found that setting the camera to ISO 1600 results in a great texture effect for the flowers. So with this in mind I went out and picked one of the few remaining dandelions in the garden, luckily it was in quite a good condition!

The photo was taken using natural light in the conservatory with a piece of black card as the background. With a pair of tweezers I pulled out half of the seeds and then I placed it in a second hand* which are great little tools for flower photography.

The RAW file was then opened in Lightroom4 and converted to B&W via the Nik ‘Silver Efex Pro 2’ plug-in. Which I think is one of the best B&W tools available! No noise or grain was added to the photograph.

Camera: Nikon D3 + Nikkor 105mm Micro
EXIF: ISO 1600, 0.4sec, f/40

100% crop

A larger version is available on my Flickr site

* A second hand: